Grade 2 Listed Property Renovation, Marygate, York

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to transform a Grade 2 listed property, look no further than this stunning private residence on Marygate in the heart of York. Once a humble house with outdated features and limited space, this property has undergone a complete renovation that has left it almost unrecognizable from its former self.

One of the key changes was the addition of a new rear single-storey extension. This extension not only provided much-needed additional space but also opened up the layout to create a more flowing and seamless feel throughout the property. The extension now houses a spacious and modern dining area that seamlessly blends with the newly fitted kitchen. It’s the perfect place for entertaining guests or enjoying a cosy family dinner.

Upstairs, the bedrooms were reconfigured to create a more functional and efficient layout. A much-needed upstairs bathroom was added, and a first-floor laundry room was also incorporated into the design. No more carrying heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs! These changes have created a more harmonious living environment that caters to the family’s every need.

Finally, the attic was transformed into a beautiful bedroom with plenty of natural light. The addition of new dorma windows allows light to flood into the space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s the perfect space for relaxing after a long day or for accommodating guests.

Overall, the renovation of this Grade 2 listed property on Marygate has been a resounding success. The house now boasts modern amenities and features while retaining its charm and character. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to transform a historical property, this is one case study you won’t want to miss!

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